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Mike & Sigrid Wallach Africa Tour Pioneers of web-based travel pages and life inspirations.
Mike Wallach 2003 Pacific Passage Mike's trip aboard Morpheus from Tahiti to Hawaii with the Gregory's.
Jim Gregory Morpheus Story about the building of Morpheus.
Liza & Alan Farrow - Gillespie Heartsong 3 We crossed paths in Cook's Bay, Moorea.  Liza and Alan have recently completed their circumnavigation.
Dee & Marshall Saunders We met Dee & Marshall in Moorea during their second trip to that part of the world.  The first was cut short by a freighter.  Dee just published a book about their incredible journey and lives.
Ditty Deamer  Saturday and  Sunday  In between international business trips, Ditty frequents the SF Farmer's Market on Saturday where she collects fresh vegetables to create gourmet delights on Sunday.
JP Boatworks 415-331-3268 JP put a totally new rig (yes, everything!!) on the Scalawag before her Pacific cruise.  His work was on time and under budget (I challenge you to find that in the marine industry!), and he and his family have lots of blue water miles in their log.
North Beach Marine Canvas 415-543-1887 Liz added all canvas and redesigned interior for the Scalawag.

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