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"The reason for the lack of sailing directions from the Sandwich Islands to Tahiti is that
no voyager is supposed to make himself weary by attempting so impossible a traverse."
- Jack London, 1907

1 June 1999

The SCALAWAG and her crew have safely landed in Tahiti 26 days after leaving Hawaii. 

We regret the delay in posting this news, however, the computer that we use for our web page updates and email died upon our arrival.  Normally this would be a large setback, but it is a minor nuisance compared to our other mishaps.  During the 2600 mile passage, we also lost our freezer, several lunches, one of our heads, our water maker (which never did work), our water pressure, the TV and computer monitor (something about the Southern Hemisphere magnetism, which also makes the compass "dip"), our forward 4 portholes, and our steering.  A very large and heavy piece of bronze called the "quadrant", which connects the steering hydraulic ram to the rudder post, decided to snap in half at the Equator.  We also ran out of fuel.

In spite of these challenges, never before has the SCALAWAG been crewed by more talented and determined  men.  Hacksaw, Butter Bomb, Puke-Proof, and Bilge Boy met each challenge and soundly defeated every foe.  From creating a floating metal shop mid ocean, to breaking the SCALAWAG's 10 year fishing jinx, the crew was indomitable.

We are currently undergoing extensive repairs and hope to find enough time to explore the Society Islands both above and below the water.

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Dolphins in our bow:  dolphin1.JPG (63101 bytes)  dolphin3.JPG (61520 bytes)  dolphin2.JPG (77361 bytes)  dolphin4.JPG (39090 bytes)  dolphin5.JPG (81576 bytes)

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Fishing at Sea:  kevdriving.JPG (46647 bytes)  fish1.JPG (38715 bytes)  fish2.JPG (46245 bytes)  hansfish.JPG (50199 bytes)

Steering Failure & Repair:  bull1.JPG (43735 bytes)  bull2.JPG (41470 bytes)  bull3.JPG (33565 bytes)  bull4.JPG (36626 bytes)  bull5.JPG (41651 bytes)  bull6.JPG (48325 bytes)

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At sea:  blair.JPG (41044 bytes)  crew.JPG (48216 bytes)  rick.JPG (60323 bytes)  water.JPG (64744 bytes)

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Landfall in Bora-Bora:  landfall.JPG (48738 bytes)  kajebora.JPG (50333 bytes)  boradock.JPG (52432 bytes)


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